ISM Saddles - Old Names vs New Names

by Biju K on August 03, 2023

ISM Saddles are engineered to ensure health, comfort, and performance for all types of cyclists.

Whether you're a casual rider, a bicycle police officer riding on patrol all day, or even an elite triathlete, ISM Saddles has the ideal seat for your needs and situation. Our saddles are in use by hundreds of police departments, thousands of professional and amateur athletes, and countless casual riders around the world.

What makes ISM saddles different?

Everyone claims their saddles are the best. They can't all be right, so let's take a minute to look at how our technology, materials, and craftsmanship truly separates our saddles from everyone else's.

The ISM Story

ISM is the brainchild of Steve Toll, an avid cyclist and swimmer living in Tampa, Florida. In the winter of 1997, following yet another painful bike ride with his wife, Laura, Steve sketched out a design for a seat he thought could eliminate the discomfort most riders experience on a traditional bike saddle. By 1999, with some assistance from his family, the concept was patented.

ISM saddle models

Over the years, ISM seats have helped propel Ironman wins, Olympic medals, Road Racing podium appearances, and countless age group victories. Pros and amateurs alike are finding riding and competing enjoyable again due in large part to riding the world's most comfortable bike seat.

Flash forward to present day—through hard work and tenacity, Steve has not only created a state-of-the-art bike saddle, he is also being sought out by experts in the cycling industry who want the opportunity to test and ride the ISM.

ISM saddles are well known for their technical innovations and significance in solving major cycling concerns. Here's how their models stand up.


Old Names vs New Names


Adamo Road PS 2.0
Adamo Time Trial PS 1.0
Adamo Prologue PL 1.1
Adamo Breakaway PL 1.0
Adamo Attack PN 1.0
Adamo Peak PM 2.0
Adamo Century PR 1.0
Adamo Typhoon PR 3.0
Adamo Racing Discontinued Recommended alternative PS 1.0 or PS 2.0
Adamo Podium Discontinued Recommended alternative PL 1.0



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