Worlds best cables and associated parts - from Derailleur cables to Brake cables to thrill your rides...


Jagwire Gear Ferrule | for Gear Outer Cable, Plastic 4.0mm, Black

Rs. 49.00

Jagwire Frame Mounted Adjusting Barrel | Road Sport M5 Index (BSA048)

Rs. 499.00

Jagwire Gear Housing | SPORT Series, LEX-SL Slick Pre-Lubed 4, 4.5mm

Rs. 599.00

Jagwire Brake Housings | Basics Series - CEX Non-lubed liner Series

Rs. 280.00

Jagwire Gear Inner Cables | Basics Shift Cable Series

Rs. 110.00

Jagwire Brake Inner Cables | Basics Road & Mountain Series

Rs. 8,605.00

Jagwire Gear Inner Cables | Sport Slick Stainless Shift Cable Series

Rs. 339.00

Jagwire Needle Insertion Tool

Rs. 1,476.00

Jagwire Gear Inner Cables | Sport Slick Galvanized Shift Cable Series

Rs. 145.00
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