We have a good collection of distinct saddle models of road racing, triathlon, and leisure seats



Your saddle can decide your comfort levels on your bike and it can be very CRITICAL TO YOUR CYCLING SUCCESS!

The saddle you choose is more than just a matter of comfort: with the majority of your weight on the saddle, it's also important to achieving balance and power. If you are off-balance or uncomfortable on the saddle, your legs will start to push your buttocks around... hunting for a "better" position; and if your legs (or arms) are involved in balancing you on the seat, they cannot properly pedal the bike -- leading to fatigue, foot problems, cramping, etc. And you've probably read about the health consequences of cutting off blood flow to your sensitive areas, which can show up as numbness during cycling.

If you ride in aero (triathlon) position, the saddle is even MORE important. To properly achieve an aerodynamic position, you must be able to tilt your pelvis forward, so you can reach the aerobars without strain. In this position, your groin is pressed into the front (nose) of the saddle, making saddle fit critical -- especially in the front. Without the right saddle, you will lose comfort, circulation, aerodynamics, and power.

DON'T ASSUME THAT A DISCOMFORT OR PAIN IS NECESSARY, YOUR WEAKNESS, OR FAULT IN CYCLING!! Although we all get a little saddle sore after 50-100 kilometers, you should not be fidgeting in your saddle every time you ride. If you are -- REACH US!

Saddle comfort is very personal -- no two riders have the same shape of pelvis and buttocks. Saddle recommendations from friends (or the internet) may be well-intentioned, but are rarely helpful. It takes time (and mileage) to SINCERELY test a saddle. That's why we have so many test saddles, and give you a opportunity to decide. Our experts onboard can suggest you the best saddle with their years of cycling experience.

How Does it Work?

Local (Bengaluru, India) - Nearest program location: Cycling Boutique Experience Center @ 80Ft Road, Indirangar, Bengaluru.

  • Stop into the Lab and pick out a saddle (or two or three). [Please call ahead so we can work with you by appointment].
  • Borrow any demo saddle for Rs 990 each (for two weeks). If you decide to purchase a saddle from us, we’ll credit your demo fees (up to Rs 990) toward the purchase.
  • Not sure which saddle to borrow? Bring your own bike and try any saddle  on our Indoor Trainer (Free of cost!).


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