We being the top notch in India for our engineering skills and Professional Bike Mechanic Skills are among the most dependable for any kind of cycling workshop works - be it a recreational kid's bike or world class Pro-Athlete. Our decades of professional engineering and management experience with top multinational corporations of the world groomed us to the finest ways and reliable for handling your favourite bikes.

Here's among our Terms & Conditions for our Bike Workshop Services at Cycling Boutique Experience Center, Bengaluru, India - In order to assure the top notch service excellence and quality at par:

1) Estimation Accuracy / Finalisation: This is accurate to the best preliminary estimation we can do at this stage of service inspections based on our fair judgment based on our expertise in his domain. When working with older parts, the natural wear and tear effects of parts can be found only after everything is cleansed, tuned up, and the bike is put on road tests. If any additional work or change of details we identify doing final examinations will be communicated to you if we need to make any additional changes in parts etc. For small parts which we might have to replaced (approximately valued below Rs 700 and below or small parts), we may go ahead and replace on the fly without prior intimation or revising your invoice as its easier to give you a full and final estimate at the time of service completion.

2) Spare Parts Availability / Dependency: As we operate only with top-of-the-line international brands, the spare parts requested/needed have a high dependency on them and the service completion. Also to be noted is the dependency on international courier services/customs clearances etc. So kindly plan your time away from the bike with sufficient spare time.

3) Final work completion timeline: The service estimates provided are based on uninterrupted work hours available in hand (on working days). Being one of the busiest and most sort out BikeShop in India, and due to our generous support for cycling communities around, we may get interruptions from emergencies, critical race / athletic support etc. which are sometimes unavoidable. We request you to understand these and provide us ample time with plans of leaving your bike in the service course timeline that we might revise, during exceptional cases.

4) Cancellation of Service Conditions: Our detailed inspections involve very thorough professional bike inspections, wash/degreasing and labour intense bike components assembly process. In case there is any cancellation of service plans regarding this work, for which the bike is checked in, nominal service charges pertaining to this preliminary work will be billable, along with any labour charges incurred pertaining to assembly/disassembly or any othe mechanical work or reversal of work requested and the corresponding charges paid before the bike is returned and picked up. If the service opted are completed by us, along with the spare parts agreed upon installed/consumed, we will no be able to cancel a service order, instead the full invoice have to be paid by the customer.

5) Bike Storage Duration Terms: Due to the limited and expensive storage space we have in Bengaluru City where we operate, we permit a maximum bike storage span of 5 Days from the actual date of completion of the bike in checked-in for service. Any additional storage can be arranged at Rs 150 per day of additional storage needed, with prior request. Regarding the old/wornout/discard spare parts from the service: We do not have additional storage space to keep any left out/older parts in our premises - hence all old parts must be collected on or before the bike collection day by in person or by using third-party transport services. Any parts left out beyond this timeline will be automatically disposed off to recycling agencies.

5) Service Guarantee Timeline: As we know that bicycles are made of delicate spares and components, we offer a free-of-cost recheck opportunity for this service, if it needs a revisit at our place, within 7 days from the date of bike delivery (extremely rare, as per our experience). Kindly give us a call and arrive with your bike, in case you need assistance in this regard. Post 7 days, further visits will be considered as per labour/workshop rates.

6) Warranty of spare parts consumed: All parts opted for the service are 100% original, made by the world's most renowned, original cycling companies, with a warranty as per their international / India warranty policies.

7) Service Updates / Communications fruquency: We ideally wish to have less noisier communications with every customer and spend more time on quality work. Kindly note that we will be updating you only if there is any major need to do so while anytime during the course of the service. We request you to kindly await for service completion message from us, notifying you for pickup of serviced bike.


*While accepting the service programs, you are agreeing/accepting the above terms.

Best Regards,
Team @ Cycling Boutique, Inc.