The terminologies found in Shimano components can be little daunting at certain times. Here's what you can use to have a quick check to identify your components.


Shimano Square Taper Bottom Bracket Codes:

eg. EBBUN300B07X, EBBUN300KB23XW etc.

  • B = Normal Bottom Bracket
  • E = For Ebikes
  • K = For chain case (chain protector compatible)


  • W = W/ 0.7MM SPACER

Shimano Square Taper Bottom Bracket spindles are denoted by letter codes that correspond to matching length spindles. The following are the codes and the matching spindle lengths:

Code Length

  • MM 107mm and 110.5mm
  • LL 113mm
  • D-H 115mm
  • YL 116mm
  • XL 118mm
  • ZL 121mm
  • NL 122.5mm
  • EL 127.5mm


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