Responsible business:

Cycling Boutique is not just another business firm. It evolved for a reason - for the passion for cycling, change our own life with every essence and goodness of cycling. When that magic happened, we shared our knowledge and experience in cycling with the rest of the world. Rest is history and a considerable part of the growth of cycling passion across India.

Today we have customers, friends and fans around every corner of India - from cities to villages. That made us so proud of what we are and do the sincere duty what we took on our shoulders to guide the common man in cycling - without checking his or her social positions, cast, creed or anything in between. This made people trust and evaluate us in friendliest way and respect us throughout times with great value addition in their cycling life.

Cycling Boutique's commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion
At Cycling Boutique diversity, equity and inclusion is paramount to us. We are committed to building an inclusive and tolerant culture for our colleagues, customers, partners and the industry; regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability, age, religion or belief.

Our people
We are committed to evolve and fostering an actively tolerant and inclusive workforce for our people to who love cycling and have the right mindset to help other who is in need in cycling. Our staffs are from all walks of life and ethnicity and we talk about nothing but cycling and how to support cyclists around India and social welfare through impacts of cycling around us.

Our customer experience
Cycling Boutique is a real pioneer - truly evolving on the ideologies of Cycling Experience we share with our fellow cyclist. We are the very first and implement the so called Cycling Boutique Experience Center in India. You may see many brands copying our idea, inspired from us - even by top corporates and fellow bikeshops - nothing but to ever match our commitments and passion to drive it in it's unique ways!

Our voice for cycling
We are committed to live for cycling and be right at the core of cycling - be the guiding force and truly be the most respected and responsible citizens to take the growth of cycling in India. Our diverse and inclusive stream of cycling support is always ahead to amplify voices of cyclists across India, to accurately represent disproportionately underrepresented cycling communities.

Our influence in social life
We are committed to educating and nurturing the common man of today and tomorrow from being stuck with idle, stereotypic modern lifestyle and see the life in all together more healthier, active, vibrant life connecting close with nature and respect the fellow humans and ecosystem. After all cycling taught us the biggest lessons in life to be humble and appreciate the value of health and nature in life the first and place everything else below that! 🚴‍♂️💕




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