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Fulcrum Road Bike Wheelset | Airbeat 550 High-Performance Carbon Disc Brake type for Road, Racing, Endurance

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Fulcrum Airbeat 550 DB
AIRBOAT 550 DB - The cult Italian racing legacy in its true form - from the legendary Campagnolo!

The latest Fulcrum Airbeat 5550 DB disc brake wheelset carbon wheels. The Airbeat 400 is the new wheel on the market. Its weight and features are similar to the Fulcrum Wind 40 but different in color and carbon pattern. The application can be both for races and for long-distance endurance riding.

  • 2-Way Fit ™ system can be used with conventional or tubeless tires.
  • RDB ™ RIM DYNAMIC BALANCE DRSC ™ balances rim and gasket weight by weighting the opposite side
  • 2: 1 TWO-to-ONE SPOKE RATIO ™ – DISC BRAKE positioning of the wire in front and rear wheels differ to compensate for the tension coming from the force acting on both the disk brakes and tension from the chain to help create a balance in braking. This is a feature that is available in disc brake wheels that are more than 2 times the price.
  • Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling
  • MOMAG ™ The proprietary Fulcrum / Campagnolo wire head, which, when inserted into the rim through the valve hole, is “guided” to the spokes connection by means of a magnet, a simple system. Eliminating the need to pierce the wheel rim To put the slopes rims do not lose their strength.
  • Anti-Rotation System ™ This system helps to increase the efficiency of the wheels with new spokes and hub design that helps to hold firmly and makes sure the spokes do not lose tension. Therefore, the wheels are completely reactive to pressure, and the wheels are tested in a wind tunnel to ensure good airflow, and reduce the resistance the best.
  • AFS Axle System ™ (Axial Fixing System) that Developed by Fulcrum to attach disc brakes to the wheel hub. Resulting in a structure that will allow more accurate and powerful braking.
  • Rim Full Carbon Technology– Fulcrum’s full carbon rims are created using a combination developed in a lab using different types of fibers including UD and 90-degree weave in the model and developed a special resin HTG (high transition grade) that is more temperature resistant than other fibers used in the bicycle industry.  Fulcrum Carbon Wheels provide superior braking performance
  • Wide Rim Tech– Fulcrum creates rims that are about 4 mm or wider than before, providing an ideal basis for 25/28 mm tires, which are currently popular sizes. This ensures excellent handling and superior comfort.
  • Cup and Cone Bearing– Fulcrum’s cup and cone bearings are different from conventional ball bearings because they work in line with the Thrust that is transmitted from the frame of the bike.
  • Plasma Freehub– milling grooves with a plasma system help the aluminum content of the milling cutter extremely hardened and resist abrasion and surface wear. Lighter weight but still high strength and has a longer service life
  • Monoblock Hub for Disc -Design of the rear wheel hub of the disc brake for maximum efficiency. This is done by placing the big flange of the Two-to-one ™ system on the gear side. To reduce the loss of braking power caused by the flex and torque of the adaptor between the two sides of the wheel hub. One-piece Fulcrum system makes the internal structure stronger. Make the transmission of the maximum force and can absorb the force from the braking of the disc on the opposite side better.

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