Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir - Cycling Boutique
Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir - Cycling Boutique
Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir - Cycling Boutique
Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir - Cycling Boutique
Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir - Cycling Boutique
Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir - Cycling Boutique
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Hydrapak Hydration Pack | Shape Shift Reservoir

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The Snap-Zip Baffle on Hydrapak's new Shape-Shift Reservoirs gives you all the benefits of a baffle (slim profile and reduced jostling), while still allowing you to reverse the system completely inside out; making it one of the most technically advanced hydration reservoirs on the market.

HYDRAPAK - The World's Best Hydration Packs and Accessories - Now in India!

Hydrapak 2L Shape-Shift Reservoir  

Hydrapak Reversible E-Lite reservoir has a single seam weld that makes the E-Lite even stronger.  Hydrapak has taken the best to a new level. 

Sizes & Dimensions: 2 Liter or 3 Liter 

Accessory System Includes:

  • Shape-Shift™ Reservoir
  • 36-inch HydraFlex Tubing
  • Surge Bite Valve
  • Quantum Clip
  • Straight Shot Plug-N-Play Connector.


Hydrapak Surge Valve

Hydrapak Elite Quantum Clip

 Hydrapak Strait Shot PnP Connector

Surge Bite Valve

Quantum Clip

Straight Shot Plug-N-Play Connector


Hydrapak's simple yet advanced components




PVC Free

Hydrapak’s entire drink system is PVC Free from the reservoir, connectors, and drink tube.  Some manufacturers still use PVC in their Drink Tubes because it is an inexpensive way to make the tubes flexible.  This goes against Hydrapak’s grain of making a healthier product.

State-of-the-art technology Features:

The Reversible and Shape-Shift™ reservoirs make advances to Hydrapak’s proven Reversible II™ and are integrated into its hydration pack line and, along with universally compatible components, are available as aftermarket upgrades. 

The Shape-Shift™ Reservoir (left) has all the new features of the Reversible E-Lite™ design (right), with the addition of our patent-pending Snap-Zip™ baffle.  The baffle controls the shape, making it easier to slide in and out of the backpack by providing a slimmer profile.  By flattening the shape and dispersing the weight, the reservoir allows better performance of the pack’s ventilation technology.

The Snap-Zip™ baffle on Hydrapak’s new Shape-Shift™ Reservoirs gives you all the benefits of a baffle, while still allowing you to reverse the system completely inside out - making it the easiest reservoir to clean and dry. The disconnecting Snap-Zip™ baffle is easy to close and open. Simply match the two sides together, then you slide and seal. Locking the Snap-Zip™ baffle in place gives our reservoir a slim profile and sits flatter against the back. This provides a superior fit and allows the reservoir to retain its shape, even as the liquid volume decreases. 

Available in both 2l and 3l sizes, the complete system includes our straight shot plug-n-play, 36-inch HydraFlex tube, E-Lite surge valve, and E-Lite quantum clip.

Unzipping the baffle allows users to increase volume to full capacity during use and to reverse the reservoir for cleaning and drying.

Universal Compatibility:

Hydrapak is now the leading supplier of hydration systems to other brands looking to develop their own signature hydration packs. These brands are continuing to flock to Hydrapak for Hydrapak's reservoir expertise. 

Hydrapak Reservoir Under Tire

 Hydrapak's reservoirs are the strongest ones in the world, trusted by the biggest sports accessory manufacturers.

These bladders can withhold unimaginable pressures and stress that competitor products can't even imagine.


Here is a list of some of Hydrapak's awesome partners, which shows Hydrapak’s credibility as the #1 in reservoir technology:

  • FOX
  • The North Face
  • Salomon
  • VaudePOC
  • Geigerrig
  • Nathan


The World’s who’s who of endurance sports equipment manufacturers has chosen Hydrapak as the most preferred partner. Hydrapak supplies Reservoirs and components to these partners, proving the trust, quality, and unmatched leadership.

New Features Include:

Straight Shot Plug-N-Play (PNP): The Vertical exit spout and in-line connection provide a natural path with less chance of tube kinking. It is also compatible with standard inserts used by filtration companies and Camelbak®; allowing users to build the best hydration system for their needs.

HydraFlex Tubing: Softer material and a more narrow tube allow it to be more flexible and kink-resistant yet still retain the high flow rate of our Big Bore tubing.

Quantum Clip: Introduced last year, this handy magnetic clip-set attaches to youtube and backpack webbing to keep your tube in check when in use.

SuperSlider: Stronger, easier to grip, and with a built-in handle for easy attachment.

Eco-Friendly Logo: The Laser-Cut and Welded logo eliminates screen printing during our manufacturing and helps us become cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Another category first by Hydrapak.

Hydrapak Products Featuring the Reversible E-Lite™ Reservoir:

  • Avila
  • Soquel
  • Selva
  • Reyes
  • E-Lite Vest
  • 1 Liter Component Accessory


Hydrapak Products Featuring the Shape-Shift™ Reservoir:

  • Big Sur
  • Laguna
  • Morro
  • Jolla
  • 2 & 3 Liter Component Accessory


Aftermarket Components – Now Universally Compatible:

  • 3.0 Liter Shape-Shift™ Reservoir
  • 2.0 Liter Shape-Shift™ Reservoir
  • 1 Liter E-Lite Reversible
  • Surge Valve
  • Tube Brush
  • Quantum Clip Set
  • Straight Shot Plug-n-Play
  • 48-inch Extended Tube (standard tube length 36 inches)
  • Fusion Insulated Tube Kits.



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