Interloc Racing Design Freewheels | Defiant for Single Speed, 3/32
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Interloc Racing Design Freewheels | Defiant for Single Speed, 3/32"

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IRD Single Speed Freewheel with Precision Bearings for Single Speed Freewheels. One of the finest and most robust freewheels you can find on this planet. They are priced for a reason - nothing beats the quality and products like a single-speed freewheel are designed to take a lot of beating!

  • A high-quality freewheel for your mountain single-speeds.
  • Super strong CNC'd CrMo steel cog
  • Precision sealed bearings
  • Compatible with 3/32" chains
  • Available in 16T, 17T, and 18T configurations.

About Interloc Racing Design

Interloc Racing Design had its start in 1984. In the mid to late 80s, it created components that have been considered at the forefront of mountain bike design. Mountain Bike Magazine called its products the "best of good old American innovation and craftsmanship."

Pioneering functional ideas is what has kept a small company like IRD going for as long as it has. A reputation for the craftsmanship that has been built through word-of-mouth (and not slick ads) has surely helped also.

We are no longer in the "machine shop in the tool shed" mode, but we are still a small outfit and still in the chase for great ideas to benefit from that marvelous invention - the bicycle. Currently, we see ourselves creating high-quality components for serious riders, especially hard-to-find parts that the larger manufacturers have forgotten about. Whatever strikes us as being a true need of the cyclist, you can count on us to look into it.

 In India, Cycling Boutique serves the cyclist with the finest products from IRD, with great cycling passion and the ability to serve with cycling knowledge.


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