Jagwire Cables | Elite Link Brake Kit Road DIY RCK700 - Cycling Boutique
Jagwire Cables | Elite Link Brake Kit Road DIY RCK700 - Cycling Boutique
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Jagwire Cables | Elite Link Brake Kit Road DIY RCK700

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Jagwire Elite Link Brake Kits are the ultimate combination of durability and attention-grabbing looks. Available in six eye-catching colors and for road or mountain bikes, they improve any bike's performance and appearance.

The Elite Link housing uses a series of aluminum links to provide a compressionless system for better braking performance with enhanced modulation. But unlike other compressionless housing, its flexibility allows for tight bends without kinking. It's also much lighter than traditional housing while being more durable. Combine these benefits with Elite, ultra-slick polished cables and Slick-Lube liners, and you have the best performance and style.

  • Precise, compressionless braking performance combined with extreme flexibility
  • Each kit has links pre-installed on housing segments making setup quick and simple.
  • Durable aluminum housing won't kink or rust and is 50% weight savings compared to traditional brake housing.
  • Ultra-slick polished inner cables minimize system friction
  • Bikes with continuous housing, disc brakes, and extra-large frames may need additional links and liners; service parts are available separately
  • Limited edition gray color is available for 2021


ALLOY - interconnecting alloy links around Slick-Lube liners

Aluminum, Lightweight, Lubricated
An alternative to traditional compressionless housing, this system is made of nesting alloy pieces that protect the liner. Although this housing is typically more expensive, it has several advantages, including increased flexibility, reduced weight, and increased durability. Both shift and brake housings use identical Slick-Lube liners and interconnecting alloy pieces.


STS-EL - pre-stretched, highly polished, uncoated slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Polished Ultra-Slick Stainless Steel
These ultra-slick stainless cables deliver the ultimate low-friction performance. Rather than using a coating, the Elite Ultra-Slick cables are polished to an even higher level than our Pro Slick cables. Compatible with any housing and lubricant, these Elite level cables deliver incredibly accurate, smooth performance.


What's Included
  • 1 400mm Link Segment on 2000mm Lubed Liner
  • 1 400mm Link Segment on 1300mm Lubed Liner
  • 1 240mm Link Segment on 710mm Lubed Liner
  • 1 1350mm Elite Ultra-Slick Polished Stainless Front Brake Inner Cable
  • 1 2350mm Elite Ultra-Slick Polished Stainless Rear Brake Inner Cable
  • 26 Extra Links
  • 2 CGX-SL Brake Housing Segment, 300mm
  • 2 Open Alloy End Caps
  • 2 Adapter End Caps to 5mm Housing Stop
  • 2 Adapter End Caps to 5mm Brake Housing
  • 2 Color-Matched Cable Tips
  • 7 Mini Tube Tops
  • 3 Cable Donuts
  • 2 Rotating Hooks

Available in 6 colors

  • Color swatch for product #RCK700

    RCK700: Black

  • Color swatch for product #RCK701

    RCK701: Silver

  • Color swatch for product #RCK702

    RCK702: Gold

  • Color swatch for product #RCK703

    RCK703: Red

  • Color swatch for product #RCK704

    RCK704: Blue

  • Color swatch for product #RCK709

    RCK709: Limited Gray

  • Housing Construction Aluminum Links with Slick-Lube Liner
  • Outside Diameter 5.0mm
  • Housing Length 1300mm maximum (additional links and liners available separately)
  • Cable Construction STS-EL
  • Compatibility SRAM®/Shimano® Road
  • Front Cable Length 1350mm
  • Rear Cable Length 2350mm


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