Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet - Cycling Boutique
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Jimi Wallet - The Revolutionary Outdoor Wallet

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The International best seller and the Revolutionary Jimi Wallet is a compact, water-resistant and translucent Wallet. Most wanted by Cyclists, Runners, Joggers, Hikers or virtually anyone who needs a handy and stylish wallet to carry the essentials.

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Jimi wallet is an award winning, Patent-Pending USA-made product that's being sold everywhere from Lance Armstrong's new bike store in Austin, Texas to tiny boutiques in Tokyo. And to top it all, Jimi wallet is manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable materials and 1% of its sales revenue is invested in the environment. Affordably priced in the international market and available in elegant and stylish eye candy colors and designs, the Jimi Wallet makes a great gift any time of year.

 Jimi Wallet-Loaded  /cdn/img/jimi/jw_orange_opened_loaded.jpg 


Already a hit with the cycling, motorbike and snow sport community the Jimi wallet is a smart urban accessory and it's great in the great outdoors. Students we've heard from say that they love it at school and colleges because it's translucent, hangs on a lanyard and is great for showing ID.


Jimi has been embraced by a diverse customer base - from champion cyclists and Hollywood stars, to Brooklyn hipsters and Egyptian scuba divers.


Jimi currently sells in 20 countries. Green America approved.

A must need accessory for any cyclists, joggers, runners, hikers or any outdoor sports enthusiast.
A cool accessory for anyone who wants a wallet in his/her pocket, in eye-candy colors and designs.

Jimi Wallet-vs-Traditional

The revolutionary Jimi Wallet is for people who hate bulky wallets. The Jimi wallet is a compact, colorful, water resistant innovation in the normally blah world of wallets. It holds just the essentials: five cards, a few currencies notes, and even has a detachable money clip if you need to go super slim.

One of the main reason for complaints received from traditional wallets are that they breaks and damages the credit/debit cards in the wallet. Jimi Wallet is the ultimate solution to safeguard your cards and go anywhere light and trendy.

Break free from the cluttered Wallet and get yourself a Jimi today!

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    * Made from recycled/recyclable materials
    * Stays securely closed by snaps open in a instant
    * Detachable Money Clip will hold one card and three double folded currency notes
    * Detachable Cardholder will hold four cards
    * Both the Money Clip and Cardholder slip out to go super minimal
    * Water and shock resistant
    * Lanyard hole for attaching to bags, packs or clothing
    * DIMENSIONS: 4.25 Inch x 2.63 Inch x 0.56 Inch
    * Made in the USA




Jimi Wallet-FeatureDesc





Jimi Wallet-FeatureDesc


COLORS: Aqua, Artic, Clear, Desert, Pink, Ruby, Safety Orange, Sea Glass, Magenta, Stealth Black, White, Smoke, Woodland, Arctic White, and Camo Green.


    • Made With Respect is a seal of approval, and an acknowledgement that a company cannot be socially responsible without respecting the following:
    • The Worker: Jimi Wallets are completely made in USA using manufacturers who pay their employees well, offer good working conditions, and are environmentally conscious.
    • The Environment: Jimi Wallets are made up of recycled and recyclable materials that have a lower impact on the environment. Also Mr. Smith Inc., who manufactures the Jimi Wallets donate 1% of their sales revenue to the environment through the 1% For The Planet initiative.
    • The Consumer: Every company should answer to its customers. You are the judgmental, discerning experts on what you like, and the final arbiters of what we do. Consumers can always welcome to talk to Mr. Smith Inc.: talktous@mrsmithinc.com




About Mr. Smith Inc - The manufacturer of Jimi Wallets:

Jimi products (thejimi.com) are designed, manufactured and marketed by Mr. Smith Inc. Mr. Smith is member #71 of the 1% For The Planet initiative and an approved member of Co-Op America.


Mr. Smith Inc.’s patented, and award-winning flagship - Jimi wallet is was included in the California Design Biennial 2007.


Mr. Smith is a semi-finalist in the 2008 Forbes Boost Your Business contest. Jimi was selected to be part of the California Design Biennial alongside Apple and HP.


Jimi is Japanese for simple/un-gaudy.

Jimi Wallet - Custom Wallets

 Jimi Wallets are trusted by the worlds well trusted companies

Mr. Smith Inc., - Says about the iconic sporty Wallets they make:

Our flagship product - Jimi wallet hits on something true and universal. It's a reinvention of the stodgy traditional wallet, starting with its design, materials and manufacturing. This sleek, minimalist wallet is US made from recycled/recyclable plastic. While we now offer a range of digital media products and have a Jimi bag in development, Jimi wallet best showcases our business principles. Jimi was born of my (founder Michael O'Neill) frustration with traditional wallets and the way companies manufacture and market their products. When I left the advertising agency world, I was determined to make products in the most sustainable way possible. McDonough and Braungart's Cradle to Cradle inspired me to adopt a closed loop manufacturing model, then I added a tenet: MWR - or Made With Respect. This is an acknowledgement that a company cannot be socially responsible without respecting the worker, consumer and environment.


We make products in the U.S. using manufacturers who treat their workers and workplace responsibly. We use recycled and recyclable materials and donate a percentage of our sales revenue to the environment, and answer to our customers. Our (lauded) customer service is centered on respect for them and their experience. Starting out as a manufacturing newbie with only $10,000 to contribute to a mold that cost $100,000, I sought a manufacturing partner that would invest - literally and philosophically - in the business. Moving across the country, I met with a dozen manufacturers to seek funding. All demurred. Number thirteen's the charm, as I now say. We found a genuine partner, who manufactures our products in Pittsfield, MA. Their investment is being paid back through a premium on each unit made, and, rewardingly, they have adopted many of our green policies.


Jimi Wallet: Reviews and Comments from all over the world:

Jimi Wallet In The News

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Jimi Wallet POP Display

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