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Muc-Off Wet & Dry dual pack 120ml - 810

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Limited edition combination of two standard lubricants for dry and wet conditions for a very advantageous price, saving czk 85 on one lubricant and czk 160 on the entire twin pack.

Dry lube 120ml
  • Ensures high chain efficiency due to incredibly low surface friction
  • The wax-based composition excels in dry and dusty conditions
  • After application, it creates a durable, slippery, but dry protective layer
  • Prevents dirt from adhering to the treated parts
  • Ensures smooth chain operation and shifting
  • Designed for the lubrication of drive chains, derailleurs, derailleurs, cables
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Applicable to all types of bicycles.

Powerful lubricant for universal use in cycling, which, thanks to its composition, can penetrate all parts of the chain link and withstand even extreme conditions that otherwise cause the decomposition of common lubricants.

Wet lube 120ml
  • Ultra-durable lubricant ensures long-term efficiency and protection, smooth chain operation, and maximum power transmission efficiency.
  • Repels water and prevents corrosion.
  • Universal use for lubrication of drive chains, but also derailleurs, derailleurs, cables, pedals, etc.
  • Excellent, especially for long rides in adverse conditions (water, mud, rain)
  • The lubricant is not based on kerosene-based but only on natural derivatives!
  • It contains special integrated "extreme pressure additives" for smooth shifting and high chain efficiency.
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Applicable to all types of bicycles
  • The lubricant of 2010 in the British Isles.

Directions for use
  • Clean the drive train thoroughly before wet chain lube application.
  • Ensure the drive train area is dry.
  • Apply a moderate amount of bio-wet chain lube to the inside chain link while spinning the pedals in reverse motion.
  • Wipe away any excess chain lube.


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