Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaning Device Kit | 277 - Cycling Boutique
Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaning Device Kit | 277 - Cycling Boutique
Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaning Device Kit | 277 - Cycling Boutique
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    Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaning Device Kit | 277

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    X-3 Dirty Chain Machine Easily Removes Grease - Includes 75 Ml Cleaner - Total Drivetrain Clean
    A quick and easy way to freshen up your chain, so you don’t need to get a new one. Teeth and brushes get into every link to provide a deep clean.

    Does your chain suffer from regular grit and grime build-up, tired of spending AGES cleaning your chain when all you want to do is get on the saddle and ride? Well, Muc-Off has the solution... introducing the new Muc-Off X-3 Dirty Chain Machine! This patent pending ergonomic design boasts a heavy-duty construction and can clean your chain in seconds!

    With bicycle chains carrying an ever-increasing price tag, it makes sense to make them last. The only way to get the best out of your chain and its running efficiency is to make sure it’s regularly and properly cleaned and lubed. The X-3 Dirty Chain Machine is by far the easiest way to give your chain a good scrub!

    Included in the kit is a 75ml measure of Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner. This revolutionary little liquid can be either sprayed over the drivetrain or poured directly into the top reservoir of the machine, which is then released by a control button. This ensures the application of the cleaner is quick and easy to control. The X-3 machine and Drivetrain Cleaner partner up to attack the worst of grease and grime from every possible angle to deliver the ultimate, deep clean on even the dirtiest bike chains.

    The abrasive cleaning teeth and rotating brush wheels which have 120 contact points cover all areas of the individual chain link for a deep and thorough clean. Finally, the excess dirty fluid drops into a second lower reservoir so it’s kept away from the clean chain. No more recycled grime all over the chain! Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner is fully biodegradable and is safe to be disposed of down the drain if you previously used one of our bio-chains lubes!

    The X-3 Dirty Chain Machine is not compatible with BMX or track chains.


    • Easily removes grease, grime, and chain oil in seconds
    • Deepest clean thanks to 120 contact points
    • Easy to clean and re-use
    • Heavy duty construction that's built to last
    • Includes 75ml Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner
    • Perfect for Road, MTB, or Cyclocross bicycle chains.

    See It in Action
    • Our X-3 Dirty Chain Machine is the ultimate bicycle chain cleaning tool. It will leave your chain looking brand new in seconds!
    • Fill the X-3 Chain Machine reservoir chamber with Drivetrain Cleaner
    • Place the X-3 Chain Machine over the chain and clip it together
    • Spin the pedals in a reverse motion (approx. 2 to 3 times)
    • Press the button at the top to release the Drivetrain Cleaner while continuing to rotate pedals until the chain is clean
    • Detatch the X-3 Chain Machine
    • Rinse your entire chain and drivetrain area with water
    • Rinse X-3 Chain Machine with water and store until next use

    Eliminates Grime
    Easily removes grease, grime, and chain oil in seconds with our Bio Drivetrain Cleaner.


    120 Contact Points
    Give your chain the deepest clean thanks to 120 contact points on the X-3 Chain Machine.


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