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Shimano Bottom Bracket Threaded BSA | Tiagra / GRX BB-RS500 Hollowtech II 68/70mm

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Shimano BB-RS500 Threaded bottom bracket - for GRX, Tiagra, Sora, Claris, and many other cranks.

The Threaded BB-RS500 bottom bracket is designed for the GRX, Tiagra, Sora and Claris series cranksets and many other equivalent dimensions cranks. The Hollowtech II 2-piece crank with a 24 mm axle can be perfectly mounted in a frame with fits on road frames with BSA bottom bracket threads and 68 mm shell width or in frames with ITA bottom brackets and 70 mm shell width.

The plethora of Threaded BB's available in the market have definite performance advantages, but the Threaded BB's offers maximum durability and avoid any annoying creaking problems. BB-RS500 impresses with its durability and improved seal design.

  • Application: Road, Cyclocross, City, Gravel
  • Type: BSA, ITA
  • Shell Width: 68 mm, 70 mm
  • Axle Diameter: 24 mm (Hollowtech II)

Technical Information:
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Bottom Bracket Cup Material: aluminium

  • anodised bearing cups
  • long-lasting performance
  • improved seal design

  • Tiagra FC-4700, FC-4703
  • Sora FC-3550, FC-3503, FC-R3030, FC-R3000
  • Claris FC-R2000, FC-R2030
  • GRX FC-RX600
  • FC-RS510, FC-RS500, FC-RS400
  • FC-R563, FC-R460, FC-R350
  • FC-CX50

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Shimano BB-RS500 right bearing cup, with bearings
  • 1 x Shimano BB-RS500 left bearing cup, with bearings
  • 1 x Shimano bottom bracket sleeve

Weight: Silver/BSA: 92g


Hollowtech II
Shimano Hollowtech II is a crank bottom bracket system designed to achieve an ideal ratio of stiffness, weight, and rotational efficiency. It is based on an integration of the bottom bracket and the right crank arm and works with a 24 mm axle or bearing diameter, which has proven to be optimal in terms of stability. In many cases, the bearing cups are on the outside so that the load is better distributed. High-quality precision seals ensure long service life.

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The Press Fit BB-RS500-PB bottom bracket is recommended by Shimano for the GRX, Tiagra, Sora, and Clari series. This allows a Hollowtech II or 2-piece crank with a 24 mm axle to be mounted in a road frame with an 86.5 mm bottom bracket width and a 41 mm shell diameter. The bottom bracket is made from a synthetic material and has black-bearing cups.

Product Specifications
  • MODEL NO: BB-RS500
  • SERIES: Tiagra / GRX Series
  • Average weight: 92
  • Threaded BB shell width_70mm: ✔
  • HOLLOWTECH II bottom bracket_Threaded bottom bracket type: ✔
  • Threaded BB shell width_68mm: ✔
  • Threaded bottom bracket shell width (mm)_68: ✔
  • Threaded bottom bracket shell width (mm)_70:✔


  • BSA: EBBRS500B Shell Width: 68mm
  • ITA: EBBRS500I Shell Width: 70mm

*Note: Images are for representational purposes only. Actual size / packaging varies with product type/size.

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