Stan's NoTubes Rim | Flow Ex3, 27.5
Stan's NoTubes Rim | Flow Ex3, 27.5
Stan's NoTubes Rim | Flow Ex3, 27.5
Stan's NoTubes Rim | Flow Ex3, 27.5
Stan's NoTubes Rim | Flow Ex3, 27.5
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Stan's NoTubes 27.5" Rims | Flow Ex3, Disc Brake Compatible

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This rim is built to let you do more. The Flow EX3 is the most reliable tubeless rim made for handling faster speeds on the most demanding trails. Durability starts with design, and Stan's patented Bead Socket Technology ensures easy inflation and the most reliable airtight seal, proven time and again on enduro and World Cup DH courses around the world. Bead blasted 6069 aluminum construction and Stan's Tiebeam triple cavity design make the Flow EX3 the ultimate rim for enduro and DH racing and a great choice for the added weight and forces of eBikes, or anyone looking for the most durable tubeless rim.

The Flow EX3 rim’s Tiebeam inner bridge lets it withstand impacts that would deform most rims to the point of air loss and structural failure. Even if you use a tire insert, huge impacts can cause the sidewall of most rims to fold, causing air loss and eventual failure.

The Tiebeam brace and patented low walls of the Flow EX3 resist this folding, maintaining air pressure and structural integrity better than any other rim. Combined with the added durability of 6069 aluminum and 29mm inner width optimized for 2.3" to 2.6" tires, the Flow EX3 is the evolution of the Flowline for the most aggressive riding.
Every World Cup DH and Enduro World Series win, every hour of testing, riding, and improving, it’s all here in the incredibly durable Flow EX3, the rim that lets you defy limitations

  • Reinforced 29mm width rim shape optimized for 2.3-2.6” tires and built to handle AM, DH, Enduro, and anything else
  • Proven with wins at World Cup DH and Enduro World Series events
  • Tiebeam triple cavity 6069 welded aluminum rim resists dents and air loss during impacts
  • Patented Bead Socket Technology offers easy inflation and the most reliable airtight seal
  • 3-year rim warranty with 1-year crash replacement

  • Rim Internal Width: 29.0mm
  • ETRTO: 584x29.0 (27.5") / 622x29.0 (29")
  • Rim External Width: 32.6mm
  • ISO: 27.5"x32.6mm / 29"x32.6mm
  • Rim Depth: 17.9mm
  • Tape: 30mm
  • Hole Count: 32-hole
  • Valve: Presta
  • Rim Color: Black Bead Blasted Finish (BBQ)
  • Max Spoke Tension: 125KgF/1225N
  • Material: 6069 Aluminum Alloy
  • Max Pressure with 2.3" Tire: 39psi
  • Brakes: Disc only
  • Max Pressure with 2.6" Tire: 34psi
  • ERD: 564mm (27.5") / 602mm (29")
  • Rim Weight: 580g (27.5") / 618g (29")

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