Surly Bikes Framesets | Straggler 650B 27.5
Surly Bikes Framesets | Straggler 650B 27.5
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Surly Bikes Framesets | Straggler 650B 27.5", All-Rounder

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The most obvious difference of course is that the Straggler has disc caliper mounts instead of rim brake studs. It’ll accept rotors up to 160mm. The rear dropouts are unique, too. They’re a partially closed horizontal design that accommodates singlespeed or geared drivetrains. They feature stop screws that thread in from the rear to further secure the wheel and to position the rear wheel for optimal shifting, plus a forward-mounted stop screw on the drive side to keep the wheel from slipping forward under the force of your gargantuan legs. The rear dropouts are spaced 135mm instead of 132.5mm like the Cross-Check simply because there are far more options for disc hubs in this spacing.

Straggler shares all of the Cross-Check’s braze-ons for fenders, racks, and bottle cages. The Straggler’s geometry is slightly different, with angles and tube lengths very close but not identical to the Cross-Check, but like the Cross-Check, it’s ready to take you just about anywhere. It’s a day tripper and a weekender. It’s a ‘rough road’ road bike. It’s a cyclocross bike with no pretense of racing. It’s a utilitarian townie. It’s a light-duty touring bike. It’s an all-weather commuter. And when you get tired of one setup, you can swap parts around and turn it into something else. We think that’s pretty neat.

Frame Highlights
  • Tubing - Surly 4130 CroMoly steel. The main triangle is double-butted. ED Coated
  • Rear Dropouts - Forward–exiting horizontal dropouts with adjusters give you singlespeed compatibility and wheelbase adjustability to help you fit the tires and fenders you want to run with that drivetrain you want to run. 135mm spacing
  • Brake Compatibility - Disc only. 160mm max rotor size
  • Braze-ons/extras - Fender eyelets at the dropouts, front, and rear rack bosses, and dual water bottle mounts. Oh yeah, it sports downtube shifter mounts also
  • Seatpost diameter - 27.2mm
  • Seatpost clamp diameter - 30.0mm, Surly stainless clamp included
  • Headset/Steerer Tube - EC34/28.6 upper, EC34/30 lower
  • Front Derailleur Clamp Diameter - 28.6mm
  • Bottom bracket shell - 68mm wide, standard English threaded 1.37 x 24t
  • Chainring Clearance - Manipulated so you can fit pretty much whatever size rings you want. Go nuts!
  • Tire Clearance - Our Fatties Fit Fine (FFF) stays and our beautiful slope-crowned custom fork provides room for tires up to 700c x 42mm! With fenders!
  • Fork - 4130 CroMoly, disc only, lugged and brazed. Sloping crown with threaded eyelets, tapered and butted curved blades with mid-blade rack eyelets, dual dropout eyelets
  • Weight - 54cm = 4.74 lb (2.27kg) Fork—uncut = 2.3 lb (1050g).


Application: Cyclocross, Gravel, Road, Touring/Trekking
Wheel Size: 27.5" (650B)
Size: 38 cm, 42 cm, 46 cm, 50 cm, 52 cm, 54 cm, 56 cm, 58 cm
Frame Material: steel (4130 CrMo)
Fork Material: steel (4130 CrMo)

Technical Information - Frame:

Rear Over Locknut Dimension: 135 mm
Axle Type: 10 mm quick release
Seatpost (Ø): 27.2 mm
Seatpost Clamp(Ø): 30.0 mm
Headset: EC34/28.6 - EC34/30
Steerer tube rec.: 1 1/8"
Fork Axle to Crown: 380 mm
Fork Offset: 44 mm
Bottom Bracket Standard: BSA
Shell Width: 68 mm
Brake Mount: disc IS
Front Derailleur Mount: Clamp 28.6 mm
Cable Routing: external, mechanical
Bottle Cage Mounts: 2
Accessory Mounts: Eyelets for luggage rack and mudguards, downtube gear lever holder

Technical Information - Fork:

Steerer Tube: 1 1/8"
Axle Type: quick release (9 x 100 mm)
Brake Mount: disc IS
Offset: 44 mm
Axle to Crown: 380 mm
Over Locknut Dimension: 100 mm
Steerer Tube Material: steel (4130 CrMo)
Blade Material: steel (4130 CrMo)

Approved For:

Weight Limit: 136 kg rider weight, 25 kg gear, 161 kg total weight
Rotor Size (max.): 160 mm
Tyre Size (max.): 42 mm (with fenders)
Chainrings: 1-speed, 2-speed
Chainring Size (max.): 1x 50 tooth, 2x 39-53 tooth


- TIG-welded, ED-coated
- double-butted main triangle
- horizontal dropouts at the front (single speed compatible)
- extruded and soldered fork
- curved tapered fork blades
- disc only

Colour Index:

Closet black: black, current manufacturer's designation* gloss black
Blueberry muffin top: dark blue

Sizing Guide:

When choosing your frame size you should take into account that Surly does not measure the seat tube specifications to the end of the seat tube. For frames with struts on the top tube, this is measured from the middle of the bottom bracket to above the struts. For frames without struts, measure from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top edge of the top tube.


38 cm:
Recommended Height: 152 - 165 cm
Stack: 483 mm
Reach: 371 mm
Seat Tube Length: 380 mm
Top Tube Length: 484.4 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 500 mm
Head Tube Length: 85 mm
Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Wheelbase: 980 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 75.5°
Head Tube Angle: 69.5°
Step height: 704 mm

42 cm:
Recommended Height: 152 - 165 cm
Stack: 498 mm
Reach: 369 mm
Seat Tube Length: 420 mm
Top Tube Length: 495.1 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 508 mm
Head Tube Length: 100 mm
Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Wheelbase: 978 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 74.5°
Head Tube Angle: 70.0°
Step height: 726 mm

46 cm:
Recommended Height: 152 - 165 cm
Stack: 511 mm
Reach: 371 mm
Seat Tube Length: 460 mm
Top Tube Length: 508 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 520 mm
Head Tube Length: 110 mm
Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Wheelbase: 977 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 74.0°
Head Tube Angle: 71.0°
Step height: 751 mm

50 cm:
Recommended Height: 162 - 173 cm
Stack: 523 mm
Reach: 383 mm
Seat Tube Length: 500 mm
Top Tube Length: 529.7 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 535 mm
Head Tube Length: 120 mm
Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Wheelbase: 988 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 74.0°
Head Tube Angle: 71.5°
Step height: 776 mm

52 cm:
Recommended Height: 162 - 183 cm
Stack: 534 mm
Reach: 386 mm
Seat Tube Length: 520 mm
Top Tube Length: 545.9 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 550 mm
Head Tube Length: 130 mm
Chainstay Length: 405 mm
Wheelbase: 990 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 73.0°
Head Tube Angle: 72.0°
Step height: 789 mm

54 cm: sold out
Recommended Height: 162 - 183 cm
Stack: 548 mm
Reach: 392 mm
Seat Tube Length: 540 mm
Top Tube Length: 561.8 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 565 mm
Head Tube Length: 145 mm
Chainstay Length: 410 mm
Wheelbase: 1005 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 72.5°
Head Tube Angle: 72.0°
Step height: 806 mm

56 cm: sold out
Recommended Height: 170 - 190 cm
Stack: 563 mm
Reach: 402 mm
Seat Tube Length: 560 mm
Top Tube Length: 578.3 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 580 mm
Head Tube Length: 160 mm
Chainstay Length: 410 mm
Wheelbase: 1020 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 72.5°
Head Tube Angle: 72.0°
Step height: 822 mm

58 cm: Discontinued model
Recommended Height: 180 - 198 cm
Stack: 586 mm
Reach: 410 mm
Seat Tube Length: 580 mm
Top Tube Length: 591.8 mm
Effective Top Tube Length: 595 mm
Head Tube Length: 185 mm
Chainstay Length: 410 mm
Wheelbase: 1035 mm
Lowering of the bottom bracket: 54 mm
Seat Tube Angle: 72.5°
Head Tube Angle: 72.0°
Step height: 844 mm


- 1 x frame Surly Straggler 650B
- 1 x Surly Straggler fork 650B
- 1 x Surly stainless steel seatpost clamp


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