ZIPP Wheels | 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless, Rim Brake - Cycling Boutique
ZIPP Wheels | 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless, Rim Brake - Cycling Boutique
ZIPP Wheels | 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless, Rim Brake - Cycling Boutique
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ZIPP Wheels | 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Tubeless, Rim Brake

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Zipp’s ultimate all-around speed weapon is now tubeless-ready.
That means you get all of the aero advantages of the 454 NSW Tubeless Disc-brake wheelset with the added benefit of increased cornering grip and compliance with reduced rolling resistance. The wheelset’s 19mm internal width is optimized for running wider tubeless tires at reduced air pressure. The 454 NSW’s undulating 53/58mm-deep rim shape, our proprietary Sawtooth™ profile, takes design cues from nature for our highest-performing wheel when it comes to aero efficiency and crosswind stability. A humpback whale’s fast and graceful movements are aided by tubercles on its pectoral fins. These structures inspired Zipp advanced development engineers to, for the first time, systematically apply biomimicry to solve the complex challenge of designing a wheel, with the undulating Hyperfoil™ nodes, that reduce both aerodynamic drag and side force. Combined with tubeless compatibility and the power of disc brakes, you are set for the ultimate Zipp performance.

  • New Zipp graphics and cosmetic identity that screams speed, are applied using Zipp’s ImPress™ direct-print technology.
  • 19mm internal width and tubeless compatibility for optimization of wider tires with lower tyre pressure.
  • The cognition hub set rolls efficiently whether you are pedalling or coasting.
  • Its Axial Clutch™ technology allows the freehub’s ratcheting mechanism to deliver half the mechanical drag of conventional three-pawl hubs.
  • Sawtooth™ rim with Hyperfoil™ nodes and HexFin™ ABLC dimple pattern for top aero and crosswind-stability performance with an undulating 53/58mm rim depth.
  • Industry-leading Showstopper™ brake track: powerful and consistent braking, even on the wet.
  • XDR™ or SRAM/Shimano driver bodies.
  • Ships with QR end caps, and quick-release skewers.
  • Campagnolo driver body is sold separately.

  • Size (Wheels): 700c
  • Rim Construction: Carbon - w/Hooks
  • Hub: Cognition V1
  • Tire Compatibility: Tube-type or Tubeless tires
  • Rim Depth: 58mm
  • Brake Compatibility: Rim
  • Driver Body Type: n/a, SRAM XDR, SRAM/Shimano Road
  • Rim-Inside Width: 19mm
  • Max Recommended System Weight: 250lbs/114kg
  • Max Tire Pressure: 100psi/6.8bar
  • Rim Finish: UD fibre, Impress technology
  • Rim Profile: Symmetrical
  • Spoke Length DS: 248mm, 258mm
  • Spoke Length NDS: 248mm, 260mm
  • Weight: 1780g
  • Weight Based On: Lightest configuration: Quick Release axles and XDR body. No tape or valve is included in the weight. Front: 812g Rear: 968g.

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