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Don't let the Covid lockdown let your fitness to get spoiled. You can safely ride indoor and follow social distancing and safe practices to ride out, once the lockdown restrictions are lifted off by the authorities. Get all the cycling gear you need to continue riding inside or out online at 

Our Cycling Deals & Discounts ♡

Panaracer Urban & Touring Tire | Pasela ProTite (Tubed)

Rs. 3,290.00

Panaracer Urban & Touring Tire | TourGuardPlus

Rs. 1,950.00

Panaracer Road & Gravel Tire | GravelKing (Tubed)

Rs. 2,890.00

Panaracer Road & Gravel, dirt or rough pavement Tire | GravelKing SK (Folding)

Rs. 4,990.00

Panaracer Road Tire | Panaracer Race A Evo3

Rs. 1,185.00

Panaracer Road & Gravel Tire | GravelKing (Tubeless Ready)

Rs. 2,890.00

Panaracer Mountain & Hybrid Tire | CometHardPack

Rs. 2,150.00

Panaracer Urban & Touring Tire | RiBMo (ProTite Puncture Shielded) Fast Slick Tire

Rs. 4,190.00
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