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Don't let the Covid lockdown let your fitness to get spoiled. You can safely ride indoor and follow social distancing and safe practices to ride out, once the lockdown restrictions are lifted off by the authorities. Get all the cycling gear you need to continue riding inside or out online at 

Our Cycling Deals & Discounts ♡

IceToolz Handpump | VeloClub Mini Floor Pump Aluminium, High Pressure (A351)

Rs. 1,925.00

IceToolz Chain Scrubber and Concentrated Degreaser Combo set (C212)

Rs. 1,350.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Kit | Patches w/ Tire Levers, Sandpapers and Glue in Tin Box (65A1)

Rs. 397.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Patches | AirDam - Glueless 6 Patches in plastic box (56E6)

Rs. 210.00

IceToolz Torque Wrench | Ocarina 3-10nm Set w/ bits (E219)

Rs. 1,990.00

IceToolz Brake Shoe Tuner | Croco (55B1)

Rs. 450.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Kit | for Tubeless Tire (65C1)

Rs. 541.00

IceToolz Chain Whip | Integrated w/ Pedal and Lockring Wrench (34S4)

Rs. 890.00

IceToolz Floor Pump | Sport Steel (A451)

Rs. 1,790.00
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