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    Effetto Mariposa Allpine Extra-Chain Degreaser (500ml)

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    Allpine Extra-Chain Degreaser
    With its pine oil content, Allpine Extra is a powerful yet biodegradable degreaser: after rinsing with water, it will leave your chain perfectly clean. Ideal to prepare the chain for wax-based lubricants, which can adhere to clean metal, without the oily trace left by some common solvents. Great for cleaning brake discs.

    Exclusive Features:
    • Rapidly biodegradable and extremely effective in eliminating greases and oils
    • The addition of pine oil enhances the solvent action
    • It contains surfactants of vegetable origin that allow rinsing (with water), eliminating any oily residue. It is also suitable for cleaning brake discs
    • Harmless to chrome painted parts and carbon: we still recommend an abundant rinse with water after use on the different surfaces
    • It doesn’t require special disposal precautions (but maybe your lubricant does: if in doubt, refer to the legislation in force).


    Biodegradable and with pine oil
    In the development of Allpine Extra, in addition to effectiveness, we also prioritized low ecological impact. The addition of pine oil, a solvent of natural origin, has proved invaluable for these purposes. Allpine Extra is rapidly biodegradable.

    Deep chain cleaning, after a simple rinse

    Leaving the chain on the bike:

    1. Spread Allpine Extra on the chain with a brush (such as our Cog Brush) or use Mangiacatena chain cleaner (recommended).
    2. Let Allpine Extra act for a few minutes to dissolve all the lubricants.
    3. Rinse the chain with water to completely flush Allpine Extra, bringing every oily trace with it. This is made possible by its formulation, which includes surfactants (i.e. soaps) of vegetable origin. Your chain will thus be perfectly clean without the need to be disassembled.
    4. Dry the chain thoroughly and lubricate it (we recommend Flowerpower Wax).

    Removing the chain:

    1. In case you prefer to perform immersion cleaning, you can fill the bottom of a jar with Allpine Extra and immerse the chain in it after having disassembled it.
    2. Move the chain in the jar (or shake the jar, if equipped with a screw cap) so that the product penetrates inside the links.
    3. Wait a few minutes, then take the chain out, letting the Allpine Extra drain into the jar.
    4. Rinse the chain with water to completely flush Allpine Extra, bringing every oily trace with it.
    5. Dry the chain thoroughly and lubricate it (we recommend Flowerpower Wax). You can keep Allpine Extra in the closed jar for successive cleaning.

    Cleaning discs

    Allpine Extra can be applied to brake discs to degrease them:

    1. Apply to the disc surface with a cloth soaked in the product.
    2. Leave to act for a few minutes.
    3. Wash off with water.
    4. Dry the disc with a clean rag.

    Size: Allpine Extra is available in 500 ml bottles.

    Made in Italy

    SKU# EMCHAPE500_Std

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