Selle Royal Saddle | Forum Moderate Comfort Recreational with Cutout - Cycling Boutique
Selle Royal Saddle | Forum Moderate Comfort Recreational with Cutout - Cycling Boutique
Selle Royal Saddle | Forum Moderate Comfort Recreational with Cutout - Cycling Boutique
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Selle Royal Saddle | Forum Moderate Comfort Recreational with Cutout

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Get a Comfortable ride! 

The Selle Royal saddle is filled with Royalgel, an excellent polyurethane gel that provides the highest level of comfort through a 40% reduction in pressure on sensitive areas of the body.


The cyclist usually sits on the saddle with the spine at a 60-degree angle. This position continues the movement of the rider's weight and seat bone area down into the saddle over the wider portion of the saddle.

(1) Women's Edition:

  • Dimensions: 261mm x 189mm
  • Weight: 541g

(2) Men's Edition:

  • Dimensions: 261mm x 180mm
  • Weight: 541g


Open cell structure of Matrix foam gives increased flexibility and breathability, which guarantees a durable and comfortable saddle.

Patented clip system located on the back of the saddle for easy attachment of a light or a saddle bag.

The best reduction of pressure points. Used under license by Selle Royal, Royalgel ™ is the exclusive gel patented by Bayer Material Science in Germany. Royalgel ™ is a polyurethane matrix that is injected directly under the saddle cover during the manufacturing process. It is the only gel that does not age, harden and does not move. It clearly differs from other types of gel for a simple reason: other types of gel are formed into a honeycomb structure using hard but flexible compact materials that do not deform but simply collapse underweight. Therefore, they do not have the same quality of adaptation as Royalgel ™.

Scientific research has proven that Royalgel ™ reduces the pressure on the pubic and ischial bones by up to 40% compared to other gel and non-gel saddles to ensure maximum comfort by better distributing the weight over its entire surface.

The Story of Selle Royal

Riccardo Biogolin, the company's director, founded Selle Royal in 1956. Selle Royal has been manufacturing comfortable saddles for millions of cyclists around the world for over 60 years. Our story is the story of original designs, decisive solutions and continuous growth from a small factory to one of the largest companies in the bicycle seat industry. During the 1980s and 1990s, Selle Royal became a partner of the largest manufacturers of recreational bicycles. The scale of comfort on these bikes allowed Selle Royal to gain experience, which we then transferred to other cycling disciplines creating the LOOKIN and FI'ZI: K series.
Today, with its advanced manufacturing technique, Selle Royal is capable of producing at least 70,000 seats per day. Our factory covers an area of ​​20,000m2 and meets all workplace safety and environmental requirements. Selle Royal exports its products to over 30 countries around the world and is chosen by important and recognized bicycle manufacturers. Our saddles have won numerous design awards and are now the subject of biological and engineering research at major European universities.



  • Selle Royal Saddle (A133) 6957312801730 A133DR0R0A08069 Classic Moderate Women With Cutout Royal Gel
  • Selle Royal Saddle (A133) 6957312801723 A133HR0A08069 Classic Moderate Men With Cutout Royal Gel
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