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Shimano Bottom Bracket, Square Taper ITALIAN THREADED | BB-UN26

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ITALIAN THREADED* Shimano square taper bottom bracket BB-UN100, superb value for money for  bottom bracket

*ALERT: This is not the usual BSA Threaded bottom brackets you will find in the majority of bicycles you will find in India. This is an Italian Thread Bottom Bracket, with REVERSE THREADING. Using this bottom bracket on a traditional BSA frame will permanently damage your bicycle frame, beyond repair, or can cause fatal accidents if you try force-fitting and ride.

This bottom bracket will give you value for money in good senses - durable and trusted for rugged operations from India to the US, bike makers love this for the price and durability. The BB-UN100 square taper bottom bracket was launched by Shimano as the successor of the models BB-UN26 and BB-UN55. It covers a wide range of applications, from Touring and City bikes to older Road and Mountain bikes. BB-UN100 is available with ITALIAN thread and in different axle lengths. In this type, the bottom bracket axle and crank are connected by a square taper. The delivery does not include crank bolts.


SHIMANO - Cartridge Bottom Bracket - MTB - Standard Structure

For square taper cranks, the SHIMANO UN26 bottom bracket offers superior quality and reliability at a great value.

  • Quick and precise assembly
  • Superior quality and reliability at a great value
  • Cost competitive construction while maintaining SHIMANO quality and performance
  • Square type

  • Application: City, Touring, Road, All Mountain, Cross Country
  • Type: ITALIAN
  • Shell Width: 70 mm
  • Axle Length: 110mm, 113mm, 122.5mm
  • Bottom Bracket Shell ID: 36
  • Axle Type: square taper (JIS)
  • E-Type Compatibility: no
  • Chaincase Compatibility: no

Technical Information:
  • Bearings: Steel
  • Axle Material: Steel
  • Bottom Bracket Cup Material: aluminium (left), aluminium / steel (right)

  • for all cranks with JIS square mount
  • Recommended for:
    • FC-M311, FC-M315, FC-M351, FC-M361, FC-M371, FC-M430
    • FC-M2000, FC-M3000
    • FC-T3010
    • FC-MT100
    • FC-RS200
    • FC-TY301, FC-TY501, FC-TY701
    • FC-TX801
    • FC-A070, FC-A073

Contents: 1 x Shimano BB-UN26 bottom bracket

Product Specifications
  • SERIES: TOURNEY TX800 Series
  • Remarks: * w/ Crank arm fixing bolts spec. available
  • Structure_Standard: ✔
  • Axle length/shell width (mm)_D-NL 122_68 (BC1.37): X*
  • Axle length/shell width (mm)_LL123_68 (BC1.37): ✔
  • Axle length/shell width (mm)_LL123_73 (BC1.37): ✔
  • Spindle_Square type: ✔

SKU#: 122.5mm - EBBUN26I23X

Cycling Boutique Guide on - Shimano Square Taper Bottom Bracket Codes

eg. EBBUN300B07X, EBBUN300KB23XW etc.

  • B = Normal Bottom Bracket
  • E = For Ebikes or similar
  • K = For chain case (bicycles with a chain guard) 
  • W = W/ 0.7MM SPACER

Shimano Square Taper Bottom Bracket spindles are denoted by letter codes that correspond to matching length spindles. The following are the codes and the matching spindle lengths:

Code Length

  • MM 107mm and 110.5mm
  • LL 113mm
  • D-H 115mm
  • YL 116mm
  • XL 118mm
  • ZL 121mm
  • NL 122.5mm
  • EL 127.5mm


*Note: Images are for representational purposes only. Actual size / packaging varies with product type/size.

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