Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Rack | MTB Rack (for Mountain, Gravel Bikes) - Cycling Boutique
Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Rack | MTB Rack (for Mountain, Gravel Bikes) - Cycling Boutique
Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Rack | MTB Rack (for Mountain, Gravel Bikes) - Cycling Boutique
Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Rack | MTB Rack (for Mountain, Gravel Bikes) - Cycling Boutique
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Steadyrack Wall Mount Bike Rack | MTB Rack (for Mountain, Gravel Bikes)

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SteadyRack's iconic rack - Standard Road, Hybrid, and Commuter bikes with wheel diameter 20 "-29" and Tire Width Up To 2.2".

Typical bikes include MTB, E-MTB, and Gravel.

Designed for bikes with:

  • Wheel Diameter: 20″ – 29″
  • Tyre Width: 2.1"– 2.8″
  • Maximum Weight: 35kg
  • No Fenders/Mudguards

SteadyRack - Classic Rack

Vertical Bike Racks
Steadyrack has revolutionized bicycle storage with its unique patented design and great value for money.

Steadyrack bike racks are easy for anyone to use, save heaps of space, are engineered and built to the highest quality standards, and get your bikes up and out of the way safely, with no lifting required.

Our unique loading and pivoting design enable you to store your bikes in locations that wouldn't be possible with any other product on the market.

Whether you're looking to tidy up the garage at home, save space in an apartment, or fit out your office or workplace, our patented Steadyracks are the versatile bike parking solution you've been searching for.

And Steadyrack is the world's most acclaimed vertical bike parking solution; just read all the 5-star reviews from happy and satisfied customers.

The Mountain Bike (MTB) Rack is designed with more extensive and more muscular folding arms to handle both regular MTB tire sizes and plus-size tires. Our MTB rack is also suitable for any bike with larger tire sizes, including E-Bikes and heavy bikes up to 35kg.

If you have different brands and models of bikes, there is no need to worry about the frame geometry or size; as long as they have round front wheels, they will fit our racks.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 12cm x 12cm x 80.8cm
Weight 3.7kg
Material Zinc-plated steel and plastic
Maximum Tyre Width 2.1" - 2.8"
Recommended Wheel Diameter (inc tire) 20" - 29"
Bike Style MTB, E-MTB, Gravel
Bikes With Fenders No

We recommend that you measure each of your bikes and mount the racks accordingly, using our installation instructions below or by watching our installation video. This will ensure that they are easy to use for all bike owners.

Notes: Specialized Aero, Time Trial & other racing bikes

A minimum clearance of 20mm between your bike's front tire and down tube is required to load your bike into the Classic Rack. Some Specialized bikes, aero bikes, other racing bikes, and all-time trial bikes with less clearance will require our Fender Rack. Please check your bike's suitability. 

How to measure your bike.

**Not suitable - for bikes with permanent or fixed front fenders.

The Steadyrack Story

Steadyrack was born from CEO and Founder David Steadman's universal frustration of being unable to park his car in his garage due to various family members' bikes being left on the ground on his side of the garage. Sound familiar?

Like many other families, the rest couldn't lift their bikes and juggle them onto the hooks on the walls.

David repeatedly asked himself, "Surely there has to be a way to get bikes hanging on a wall without trying to juggle the bike onto some hook." A crude handmade rack turned up within two weeks of sharing his frustration with Father-in-law Ron at a family BBQ.

"Surely there has to be a way to get bikes hanging on a wall without trying to juggle the bike onto some hook."

There was no pivot, a flat metal mount, or rear tire rest. Still, the prototype began David and Ron's five-year journey of multiple homemade iterations that resulted in the now patented Steadyrack and the rest, as they say hi, story.

In 2009, Steadyrack officially produced and sold its first racks. Local bike enthusiast, Nick Sima, was our first-ever customer who installed the first of now 100's of thousands of private and public Steadyrack installations.

Steadyrack's unique patented design utilizes the mechanical advantage of the wheel turning, combined with an innovative pivoting feature, to create a bike rack that takes up the least amount of storage space and is the easiest to use.

Steadyrack has become recognized universally as the premium storage solution for bikes globally. Testament to the quality and performance of our racks can be found in the fact that Steadyracks are installed in a wide variety of locations and situations around the world. These include the offices and facilities of some of the world's most famous brands like Facebook, Giant Bikes, Apple, Scott Bikes, SRAM, Google, Specialized, ENVE, and many more.

Our racks can also be found in countless cafes, museums, hospitals, public parking locations, and even onboard some superyachts. We are particularly proud that tens of thousands of delighted customers universally acclaim them as the best (and easiest) way to park their bikes.

Our focus on providing the best quality product and experience for our customers has meant that in all these years, we have rarely had a rack returned for a warranty claim, nor for our products not living up to our customers' expectations of performance and quality.

Steadyrack remains a family-owned and run business and has grown into a global entity with headquarters in our hometown of Perth, Western Australia. Now with dedicated support offices in the United States and Europe and a network of distributors, agents, and retailers worldwide. Steadyrack continues to be favored by architects and facility managers as the number one commercial and End of Trip bike parking solution globally.

As our company grows and expands, we invest heavily in innovative new products for private use, public transportation, commercial buildings, bike transport, and public parking. We aim to provide total storage and parking solution for all bikes.

Steadyrack will continue to show the world how to love your bike.

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