ZIPP Wheels | 303 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake - Cycling Boutique
ZIPP Wheels | 303 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake - Cycling Boutique
ZIPP Wheels | 303 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake - Cycling Boutique
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ZIPP Wheels | 303 Firecrest Carbon Tubeless Rim Brake

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Zipp’s 303 Firecrest Tubeless rim-brake wheelset is an all-around wheelset for a new era of road riding. It’s rich in heritage yet loaded with innovations. It’s as adept in the mountains as it is on rolling hills, windswept farm lanes, or ferocious field sprints. At Zipp, we never rest on laurels. This wheelset features a 19mm internal width and is tubeless-ready. That means you can run lower tire pressure for greater cornering grip and compliance with reduced rolling resistance without the risk of the pinch flats. When it comes to pure speed, the 303 Firecrest Tubeless packs a serious punch. It’s lightweight with ABLC™ Sawtooth™ Technology, a complex dimpling pattern first developed for our top-level NSW wheel lineup. This technology helps to achieve the optimization of low aerodynamic drag and crosswind stability, which we call AeroBalance™. Zipp’s ShowStopper™ textured braking surface delivers unrivalled rim braking performance in wet or dry conditions. At the centre of the 303 Firecrest Tubeless rim brake is a new versatile and durable hubset, the German-engineered ZR1.

  • Zipp graphics and cosmetic identity that scream speed
  • The new ZR1 hub is engineered in Germany with a better seal design for improved durability and quicker response with 66 points of engagement
  • Built with Sapim CX Sprint J-bend spokes
  • Tubeless ensures secure performance even when ridden at lower tire pressures
  • Versatile 45mm rim profile that’s fast, stable and versatile
  • ABLC Sawtooth™ dimple design helps manage air flow around the rim and contributes to creating a faster, more stable wheel
  • Showstopper™ textured brake track delivers superior modulation and the shortest stopping distances in wet and dry conditions
  • XDR™ or SRAM/Shimano driver bodies
  • Ships with QR end caps, quick-release skewers
  • Campagnolo driver body sold separately


Our industry-leading Showstopper brake track continues to evolve and improve, providing unmatched stopping power and modulation regardless of weather conditions or the length of the descent.

ABLC SawTooth
ABLC Sawtooth dimple design helps manage air flow around the rim and contributes to creating a faster, more stable wheel.

Zipp’s sole mission is to help you go faster. That's why our wheels are race-ready before they're camera-ready. For years, Zipp has used a combination of testing methods – wind tunnel, CFD computer simulations, pro athlete evaluations, on-road testing, and the RollingRoad ride simulator – to refine aero performance to new levels of excellence. Over the decades of innovation, our engineers have learned to look beyond just focusing on simply reducing aero drag. Instead, the goal now is to reduce aero drag while also minimizing the effects of crosswinds on handling. This optimisation of aero efficiency and crosswind stability became known internally at Zipp as AeroBalance. The approach began with Firecrest technology and has been advanced with the introduction of the NSW lineup, especially with the Sawtooth technology found in the 454 and 858 NSW. Sawtooth accomplishes this with a series of patented fin-shaped Hyperfoil nodes along the inner diameter of the rim that work together with our new HexFin ABLC dimples for improved airflow.

  • Size (Wheels): 700c
  • Rim Construction: Carbon - w/Hooks
  • Hub: ZR1 Rim Brake
  • Tire Compatibility: Tube-type or Tubeless tires
  • Rim Depth: 45mm
  • Brake Compatibility: Rim
  • Driver Body Type: n/a, SRAM XDR, SRAM/Shimano Road
  • Rim-Inside Width: 19mm
  • Max Recommended System Weight: 250lbs
  • Max Tire Pressure: 125psi
  • Rim Finish: UD fibre, adhesive decals
  • Rim Profile: Symmetrical
  • Spoke Length DS: 254mm, 260mm
  • Spoke Length NDS: 254mm, 264mm
  • Weight: 1530g
  • Weight Based On: Lightest configuration: Quick Release axles and XDR body. No tape or valve is included in the weight. Front: 688g Rear: 842g.

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